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Tilley Pillay​ - Storyteller

Was Judy Crump, the Director of Maintenance Enforcement, confused about the Maintenance Enforcement Act, or simply asleep at the wheel when she allowed an angry and manipulative recipient to take Vigilante action against her Ex?

Karen Woodall presents a Spine chilling well presented first person narrative of an alienator. Very dangerous and ruthlessly vindictive personalities that family courts are unprepared for.  We have experienced wolves in sheeps clothing. Beware and be prepared.  

Was A Suspicious Document Coincidence, Or Catalyst?

The power afforded Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement is huge and in many ways far more invasive and influential in motivating payers than even Family Court Justices. It is almost unheard of that a recipient is withdrawn from the program. Well, Angela Power was one of those very few who managed to succeed in alienating her largest advocate in this effort and all under some very suspicious circumstances.

July 31, 2017

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N.S. Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil 'Devalued' Female Candidates

that she would ensure investigation. I also extended an offer as an attempt to resolve the situation. I reached out for the first time during this long and drawn out series of events surrounding my husband’s family court case with his ex-wife.  Up until this point, I had remained mostly silent.

Diana Whalen forwarded my document (which was marked on every page ‘Not for distribution in part, or in whole, without written consent of Tara Power’) to Tilly Pillay.  Ms. Pillay then scheduled a court hearing without informing me, at which she told a series of lies to a judge, resulting in an unlawful lien being place on my home.

Editorial by Tara Power, Oct 2, 2108

JUDY CRUMPDirector, Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement

Ms. Angela Power claims to have been given permission by Maintenance Enforcement to operate as a vigilante and her actions appear to reflect this unrestricted freedom. She claims that, “MEP has told me that I can enforce on my own and they will not kick me out again”. However, Ms. Power has gone beyond making attempts to enforce. She is operating without constraints in her campaign to seek retribution.

What is the truth? Does Angela Power continue on her crusade operating outside of the boundaries set by MEP, or has NS MEP overstepped its jurisdiction and boundaries?​

Canadian Free Speech

A satrical, stepwise How-To Guide for Using Nova Scotia Family Court as a Weapon Against Your Ex.

Using Nova Scotia Family Court as a Weapon

Judy Crump - Director, Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement 

(Image Source CBC)

Aug 30, 2017

The Alienator

a Spine chilling well presented first person narrative of an alienator
Angela Power - In a disguise

Judy Crump, the Director of the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program, has taken action, resulting in our ten year old boy facing deportation, homelessness and being fatherless. This is the direct result of actions taken by Ms. Crump in an attempt to make an example of me, his father, in an ongoing civil issue. 

The court case had been playing out for several years by this time, yet the time that elapsed between the day I spoke out to Diana Whalen and the day the decision was made against me that allowed this unlawful lien to be placed on my home was a total of six weeks.

The actions taken by the province suggest a vindictive motive and I believe I was made to pay for speaking up.  I feel that the province, rather than acknowledge their errors, attempted to bully me into silence. 

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Angela Power - in disguise

Oct 2, 2018

When Children Ask For Help, Diana Whalen Fails. ​
Angela Power - “FYI, This Woman is a piece of work…”
Truth from Lies


In 2016, both of my adult children reached out to the Minister of Justice in Nova Scotia, Diana Whalen (now retired) to express their concerns and voice their opinion on how our family court case had been mishandled and how the Family Justice System had failed them. They pleaded for help directly from the Minister of Justice.

As the Minister, Diana Whalen was responsible for the actions of the Maintenance Enforcement Program and the bureaucratic process of administering ‘justice’ for families in the province and ultimately the only one who could help. 

​Diana Whalen replied with a form letter.


After years of living through a protracted and contentious court case between my husband and his  ex-wife, I reached out to our Justice Minister, Diana Whalen (retired) in an attempt to come 

to a resolution.  I provided the minister with evidence that Angela Power had manipulated the system and also that processes were not being correctly followed within her department with the expectation 

“FYI, This Woman is a piece of work…”. 

This is how Robert. A. Napolitano, Esq. describes Angela Power. An observation not lightly made, and a conclusion that came about very quickly as a result of correspondence with Angela Power   and   her  common-law husband Mark McInnis regarding their attempted to intimidate my former employer with threats to name them on her 'deadbeat dad' website, contact their customers, and implicate them in a fictitious crime.​

Unanswered questions. 

"My daughter’s graduation prom was held in May of 2014.  Prior to the dance, the traditional picture-taking event was held at the Public Gardens in downtown Halifax.  This was the day my little girl had talked about for years; it was the culmination of hard work and a coming of age for her and her peers.  The sun was shining and the parents were proudly standing around chatting and taking pictures. The girls were beautiful in their gowns and everyone was smiling and happy."​ This is how the story starts, but turns nasty through a vindictive and mean spirited act against an unsuspecting and innocent high school graduate. 

​This jaw dropping story is a true account of an event that has taken place with the acknowledgement of the NS Department of Justice, its Minister, a Family Court Justice, the Barrister's Association and the law firm of Burchell McDougall.

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JUDY CRUMP, NS Maintenance Enforcement Director, leaves 10 year old boy deported and homeless

Diana Whalen,

NS Minister of Justice, Ret.

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Is Vigilante Justice The New Practice In Nova Scotia Family Justice?


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Angela Power (Image source CBC.ca)

July 27, 2017

Tilly Pillay Tells A Tall Tale, Manipulating Justice Jollimore