Here is a story of incompetence by B.C.’s Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) that raises serious questions about how our system deals with families at their breaking point.

Charmaine de Silva, Estefania Duran, Jesse Ferreras and Simon Little, of Global News, do a fantastic job of unbiased and surgical reporting, revealing 
how attorney Jack Hittrich manipulated B.C. Family Court Justice Walker to bring about irreparable damage to this unfortunate family. 

The ineptitude of the BC Family Court, manipulation of 'evidence' by prosecuting attorneys, and prejudgments by presiding Family Court Justices in this travesty mirror many of our experiences in Halifax Family Court. Ironically, the approach taken by Jack Hittrich aligns with our satirical How-To Guide for Using Family Court as a Weapon Against Your Ex. But, this is no joke. This shit did happen! This shit is happening in Nova Scotia, and probably everywhere else in Canadian Family Court as well.  ​​

How ‘flawed’ B.C. court rulings tore 4 kids away from their dad for 5 years and counting

How ‘flawed’ B.C. court rulings tore 4 kids away from their dad for 5 years and counting
A B.C. dad who couldn’t afford a lawyer or get legal aid lost access to his kids
The family lawyer whose zealous advocacy missed ‘obvious red flags’ and helped an unfair trial proceed
The B.C. judge who ‘ignored evidence,’ ‘erred in law’ and put a ministry under fire

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How B.C.’s ill-equipped system spawned the longest child welfare fight in Canada’s history