JUDY CRUMP, NS Maintenance Enforcement Director, Leaves a 10 Year Old Boy At Risk of Deportation and Homelessness

Judy Crump - Director, Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement

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The first indication I had about any of this was in June 2016 when Danish Immigration contacted me because Angela Power had informed them my passport was suspended. I was told by Immigration that I was in violation of my residence agreement and the gap needed to be filled. Fortunately, the communication from Angela Power to Immigration provided insight into Angela’s vindictive nature as the majority of the message was easily debunked evil fiction, and the Danes have no tolerance for such foolish behaviour. They allowed for us to remain as guests in Denmark, affording us opportunity to resolve the issue in Canada. 

an angry Justice Elizabeth Jollimore, or acting in fear of the lawsuit brought forward by Angela Power against the Province of Nova Scotia.

Regardless of Judy Crump’s motivation in this matter, the result of her actions have prevented me from meeting the requirements for residence in a foreign country. Ironically, I can NOT return to Canada as I do not possess a valid passport, however, my wife and 10-year-old son are required to leave Denmark by Sept 30, 2017 or face deportation. Certainly that will be a traumatic experience for a 10-year-old boy and I believe that no rational individual would believe such an outcome to be in his best interest. 

In Canada, my wife and son have no means of support, no place to live and will suffer great hardship as a result Judy Crump’s obtuse position in this matter. All things being equal, all Judy Crump has to do is rescind the directive and have my passport reinstated. No harm to anyone and I can work and negotiate with MEP on payments. Everyone wins. 

Ironically, Tom Murdock the Ombudsman and Officer ensuring fairness in government, refuses to engage or address the situation he was instrumental in creating. He is steadfast in his position that this is a legal issue, yet his justification for Angela Power’s re-admission to NSMEP was that the Program actions did not take into consideration the impact to the children. Which children? Obviously not mine, as NSMEP actions to date only continue to harm all four of those children and do so in a much more active manner than he could have anticipated. Way to go Ombudsman!

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Angela Power - no mask

I have approached the former minister of Justice, Diana Whalen to help resolve the issue with no luck. 

My wife offered to sell her Canadian investments (a home that Justice Barra Macdonald had previously opined that I  had no share in) and give half of the proceeds to Angela Power. Diana Whalen had the asset seized and it is no longer available for such a negotiation. 

​I explained the situation regarding my passport to NSMEP officers Mark Sherlock and Stephen Fortune and was informed that this was up to the Director’s discretion. I have been attempting discussions (through email) with Judy Crump. I  am uncertain if Ms. Crump is intentionally ignoring the issue at hand where her actions will directly harm the children the family court is supposed to protect, attempting to circumvent deportation to satisfy

passport, an action strongly lobbied for by Angela Power. Once again, no notice of enforcement was provided. I had NO KNOWLEDGE of such action taking place.

Under normal circumstances as a Canadian living and working in Canada, having your passport suspended would create inconvenience, encouraging payment. For an ex-patriot living abroad, a suspended passport has a devastating effect as a valid passport is THE basic requirement for  being allowed to live abroad and a requirement for being able to legally work in  a foreign country. 

Diana Whalen Fails Children

My wife, son and I immigrated to Denmark a number of years ago. We did so legally and without constraint. At the time, we had no involvement with NS Maintenance Enforcement and were not part of their ‘program of punishment and shame’. 

Subsequently, Angela Power, my ex-wife, actively lobbied Tom Murdock, the Provincial Ombudsman, to be re-admitted into the Maintenance Enforcement Program. She had been ejected from the Program several years earlier for interference and influencing the program as well as other suspicious behaviour. With Tom’s support, Angela Power was re-admitted to the program but I was not informed of such action. The immediate action   of   Maintenance    Enforcement    was   to   suspend  my

Sept 3, 2017

Angela Power - In and out of Disguise.

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Since that time, I have been actively engaged in attempting to resolve the issue. I have attempted to negotiate directly with Angela Power, an activity that has been outright refused by Angela as it does not meet her agenda of causing me pain and suffering, regardless of who else she hurts. She has admitted as much and stated that she is not interested in the money, and is using NSMEP to cause pain and suffering. 

Diana Whalen,

NS Justice Minister (Ret.)

Judy Crump, the Director of the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program, has taken action, resulting in our ten year old boy facing deportation, homelessness and being fatherless. This is no exaggeration of facts. My 10-year-old son will be forced to leave Denmark, our country of residence at the end of September. Unless we get a last minute reprieve, he will be forced to leave his friends, school and home and return to Canada with no way to support himself or live. This is the direct result of actions taken by Ms. Crump in an attempt to make an example of me, his father, in an ongoing civil issue. 

JUDY CRUMP, NS Maintenance Enforcement Director, Leaves 10 Year Old Boy Deported and Homeless
Angela Power in disguise