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What is Judy Crump, the Director of NS MEP afraid of? 

Angela Power vigilante behaviour

Oct 2, 2018

“Where, pursuant to subsection (1), the Director decides not to enforce a maintenance order or a part of a maintenance order, any person may enforce the maintenance order or the part of the maintenance order not being enforced by the Director.”

​(quoted above). Ironically, in the same communications from Mark and Stephen, I was encouraged to contact them to discuss payment of outstanding amounts, which seemed unusual if NS MEP was no longer enforcing.  

The situation gets more confusing as NSMEP continued to enforce with a fury. My passport was suspended, my bank accounts were inaccessible (ironic considering they claim to want money yet have removed the vehicle through which payment could be made), they continued to reach beyond their jurisdiction intimidating my associates in Denmark, and action against that had previously been ruled as unassociated. 

I reached out to Judy Crump directly to obtain details of the dates and nature of her directive to ensure my rights and the rights of my family were not being violated by a vindictive and angry ex-wife. After several weeks of persistently, and unsuccessfully attempting to get a response from Maintenance Enforcement, I made a formal request of Judy Crump to be withdrawn from the MEP Program. Once again, I was referred to Section 11.2 of the Legislation. 

I reached out to Mr. Murdock for help as there appeared my requests of the NS MEP seemed to had been consumed into the void of apathy. The office of Ombudsman was instrumental in creating this toxic situation by chastising MEP on their original decision to eject Angela Power from the program in 2014 for her interference and other suspicious behavior.

I can say this for Tom Murdock. He is, at least, effective and efficient. Within 24 hours of directly asking for his assistance in the matter, a response was delivered from Judy Crump where she denied my request to be removed from the NSMEP reiterating her authority under her discretion, and reiterated that I needed to open a discussion to discuss payment of outstanding amounts.  

Judy Crump clearly did not understand my plainly stated request for the details of her directive. So, I made a very dumbed down request for information of Judy Crump directly ensuring the Ombudsman included in the correspondence. To this request, I received a concise response from Ms. Crump indications that no part of the order had been excluded. A message not aligned to previous messages from the NSMEP department.

Judy Crump's Dilemma 

Judy Crump and the NS Department of Justice have a dilemma.   

If Judy Crump has not issued a directive to exclude any portion of the orders from enforcement, then Angela Power is in violation of the conditions of her re-enrolment in the Program. According to the legislation, NSMEP should disengage and enforcement actions be withdrawn. After all, this is what happened in 2014 when Angela Power was initially kicked out of the program and re-admitted to the program contingent on her following the rules. 

It would seem that no matter how you look at the current situation, something has gone amok. 

What do Judy Crump and NS Maintenance Enforcement fear?

Why would anyone at the province care enough to shed doubt on the integrity of their program by ignoring such a toxic and potentially libelous situation? To answer this, some light needs to be shed on the relationship between Angela Power, Judy Crump, Stephen Fortune, Mark Sherlock, the prior Minister of Justice in Nova Scotia - Diana Whalen, the Provincial Ombudsman Tom Murdock and the current Minister of Justice - Mark Furey. 

As per a report published in the CBC (Nova Scotia Edition) on July 19th 2017. Angela Power is suing the Nova Scotia Government. Government officials describe Angela Power as “unreasonable” and “demanding”. 

In the Ombudsman's report of 2016, a government employee was quoted as saying, “I am about at the end of my rope with this woman” and another stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this woman goes to the media or politicians to plead her case”. What exactly do these officials fear?​

While Judy Crump and her pack of automatons at Maintenance Enforcement continue to behave like Donald Trump by doubling down on bad decisions and a terrible position, my family and the children that the family court is claiming to support are suffering. Judy Crump’s decisions and actions are counter intuitive to our family situation, further hindering any financial reward Angela Power may realize. Maintenance Enforcement short-sighted actions make them either look like fools for being misled or incompetent in their core capability. 

As stated to me by my legal counsel with regard to the original decisions in this case by Justice Lynch, "Judges hate to be made fools of and they hate to be wrong". Perhaps it is time for someone, such as Mark Furey, to consider that both situations may be true at NS Maintenance Enforcement in this case. 

It seems straight forward. Either NS Maintenance Enforcement is Enforcing, or not, and ONLY if they are NOT are ‘other parties’ allowed to engage.

One of the areas of discretion is her ability to exclude from Enforcement either a part of a Court Order, or an Order in its entirety. The legislation is a set of clear and concise rules about which her expertise should be second to none.

​The Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Act is clear. If NSMEP is responsible for enforcement, A third party (i.e. the payee) cannot be taking actions. Specifically, Section 11.2 of the legislation states: 

Was Judy Crump, the Director of Maintenance Enforcement, confused about the Maintenance Enforcement Act, or simply asleep at the wheel when she allowed an angry and manipulative recipient to take Vigilante action against her Ex? It seems unlikely that the Director of such a powerful government agency would put herself in such a conflict, yet the facts seem to indicate that one of these was true.

​Ms. Crump's department is mandated to enforce child support related court orders. As the Director, Ms. Crump has a huge amount of discretion under the Law and the NS Maintenance Enforcement Act. Legislation which is a clear and concise set of rules about which her expertise should be second to none.

Judy Crump - Director of Maintenance Enforcement

Imagine my surprise when my ex-wife, Angela Power, engaged in a campaign to disgrace and destroy my professional and personal reputation, as well as my wife's reputation through a series outright lies and stories of evil fantasy. A campaign of misinformation Angela Power claimed was under the concession of Judy Crump and the NS MEP.

​​Maintenance Enforcement officers Stephen Fortune and Mark Sherlock confirmed that Ms. Power was allowed to ‘enforce’ under section 11.2 of the Maintenance Act            

Angela Power in disguise