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Our Gift To The Province Of Nova Scotia

We thought we would reward our avid readers at the Province of Nova Scotia with a gift to help with their legal challenge against Angela Power. 

To our friends at the Nova Scotia government who are known to be following this site (based on the high number of daily recorded hits from their IP address), here’s some food for thought. 

Angela Power is suing you.  The Ombudsman’s report states that MEP allowed themselves to be influenced by her and that their actions were based on her influence. Interestingly, Tom Murdock, the NS Ombudsman (according to Angela’s recent CBC article) states that her actions were somewhat justified based on the fact that she was receiving no child support.  But that wasn’t true, so perhaps he was misinformed, or could it be that his report was based on Angela’s story alone and no research?

 Although Angela harps on the fact that she received $700/monthly for child support prior to the first court case (again as she reported to the CBC, and keep in mind that this goes back 15 years), she always neglects to mention that, in fact she was receiving $1830 a month in child support when she applied so much pressure on MEP that they took away Mr. Power's passport.  Tom Murdock, the Ombudsman was wrong in his reporting, wasn’t he? The reality was not what Angela stated.  The reality was that she was biting the hand that fed her and MEP was pressured into doing what she wanted, which clearly had nothing to do with collecting money. 

Follow the breadcrumb trail; that was the essentially the catalyst for everything that happened afterwards and led to the place we are all now sitting, was it not? 

Check it out, you have the MEP file, and can and should confirm this for yourselves.   I’m sure you can use that tidbit of information, as we certainly will be using it to benefit our case.  And, you’re welcome.

- The Editors


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July 30, 2017