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Tilly Pillay

Tilley Pillay

Diana Whalen,

NS Minister

of Justice, Ret.

Justices. Family Court is not a environment where the burden of proof resides with the prosecution and is far from impartial or just. 

​​My family and I have been  greatly  impacted by  the  thoughtless  nature  of  the Family Justice system in Nova Scotia. We have seen our children's futures compromised and our family's future in Canada destroyed in the name of justice. We have been the recipients of mistakes, incompetence, coverups, and what appears to be vindictive behaviour, agency sanctioned vigilanteism, and unethical and perhaps illegal actions of the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Agency. We have experienced first hand the destructive nature and disregard this organization has for the children and families it is designed to support. 

Something needs to change. The system must be overhauled so that it cannot be manipulated by vindictive spouses and used as a tool for inflicting injury. It must be evaluated so that it aligns with the mandate of protecting families and the children of families being torn apart by divorce and it absolutely must be restructured to allow for the application of common sense in a forum of absolute truths as opposed to the structured witch hunting forum it has evolved to in Nova Scotia. 

By illuminating our experiences we hope to effect change in this broken system and make things better for others and right wrongs done in the name of 'justice'. Because of the overwhelming quantity of information, we are presenting our stories in a series of articles, not in a sequential manner, and we  will continue to add to the website until the full story is told.

JUDY CRUMP, NS Maintenance Enforcement Director, leaves 10 year old boy deported and homeless

The Family Justice System in Canada is an antiquated, hard ball system of absolutes designed and managed by thoughtless bureaucrats with ideologies and world views reminiscent of 1930’s perspective of family dynamics. 

Family Law Court is a forum for Civil Proceedings and decisions here are often based on stories told by attorneys as opposed to evidence. In Family Court, partial facts, selective storytelling, inference and innuendo are  regularly  employed  to  influence   the   emotional  state  of 

Nova Scotia Justice - Out of Order

Read here about how Angela Power terrorizes a high school student in the name of 'Justice'.

Judy Crump, the Director of the Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program, has taken action, resulting in our ten year old boy facing deportation, homelessness and being fatherless.

By Sharing Our Experiences We Hope To Affect Change In The Nova Scotia Family Justice System.

Angela Power - in a Mask
Diana Whalen, NS Minister of Justice, Ret.

When children reached out to the Minister of Justice in Nova Scotia, Diana Whalen (now retired) for help, she responded with a form letter.    

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Our account of how Tilly Pillay, Legal Counsel for the Province of Nova Scotia, was able to deliver a fictitious tale of sinister intent and manipulate a family Court Justice.

Judy Crump

Director - NS MEP

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