Speaking Out For Family Law Reform

Step 6: Point at the monster

Now that your ex is fighting for his existence, start pointing fingers. You’ve made it impossible for him to keep fighting and have drained his finances, so make it difficult for him to keep his job.  You can point out what a bad person and parent he is for failing to meet his obligations.  See what just happened there?

Make yourself out to be a victim and feel free to play the helpless woman card. Family Court is nothing like real life where women are treated like grown-ups who can and should take responsibility for their own actions. Women are easily portrayed as helpless damsels, so use this to your best advantage.  Bat those eyelashes. Cry.  Do all that cringeworthy stuff that cause most sane and normal people to roll their eyes. ​​​

  • Vilify your ex-husband and tell a storyabout how your ex-husband and his wife would buy clothes for the children and keep them at their house.  Make them sound like the villains. Leave out the part where you failed to send enough or appropriate clothing for the children, or how you refused to send clothing when they took your children on vacation because it wasn’t ‘your vacation’.  Leave out the fact that vacations were not something you did with your children. Omit the fact that when your husband bought things for the children and took them back to your house, you made damned sure that they stayed at your house, never to be seen again. Leave out the 24 abusive emails/texts/phone calls that you sent him if they happened to leave a single innocent sock at his house.  By leaving out the details about ‘why’ your ex thought it easier and less combative for everyone to simply keep clothing at his house for the children, you can make him look like a terrible and selfish father and judges will then use this fact to continue to persecute him in the future.  You win this round.

  • Tell a sad story about how you were forced to work at McDonald’s in order to make ends meet, and then blame your ex-husband. Don’t mention the fact that this was your ‘only’ job and that for over a decade you had stubbornly refused to get a full time job in your field to hold up your end of your financial obligation to your children. There is a small caveat here:  you will have to work at McDonald’s.  But it’s okay, stay calm – you will only need to work there for a few weeks so that you can then swear in an affidavit that you had to do it. Then you can quit and return to your normal life.

  • Claim to be single mom, even if you are not.  Here’s how you do this:  don’t marry your fiancé because then you will need to admit that you and he share a home. Have him list his address at his mother’s house and then he can pretend to live there.  Voila. ‘No one’ will ever know that you actually live together. So you are not really lying, right?  You haven’t actually married your common-law-husband so technically you are still ‘single’

Using Nova Scotia Family Court as a Weapon

​A Satirical Peek Into the Shenanigans that define Family Court

A stepwise How-To Guide for Using Nova Scotia Family Court as a Weapon Against Your Ex.​

Step 8: Bask in the glory of what you have created
All of your actions will have started to catch up with your ex, so you can finally say truthfully that he is what you have accused him to be all along.  Bad Dad.  Deadbeat.  It wasn’t true before, but with your actions and lies, it’s sure as hell true now. Your ex will be in a position where he has only bad choices. Whatever those choices are, you can persecute him. 

Step 5: Show Your true colours

You are in a position to do all kinds of damage now.  Begin a campaign to destroy your ex.  Focus your energy on his career, his social circles and even his family because they are also fair game.  You can do anything you want.  Use social media, use the dirtiest tactics you can dream of. Holler and scream the ‘new truth’ to the world. You can really show your true colours, because the bureaucrats will not have a clue what to do with that.  They will become even more confused, make more mistakes, and then begin to cover up those errors. 

Step 9: Complete the circle​​

Life may become quiet for you.  Where is the chaos? Is this what it feels like to win?  You begin to ponder the actions of the bureaucrats.  Look at how they’ve screwed things up.  Your ex is battered and bruised, but has survived.  That was not the way things were meant to go.  The bureaucrats must pay because he has not sputtered his last breath.

Go after the bureaucrats.  Bring them into your fight.  Yes, they are the ones who supported you in the first place, but remember #5? The turmoil has caused them to make many mistakes, so you need to make them pay.  

Step 7: Step on him again, and again, and....

Drag him back to court.  This will ensure that his finances are further exhausted so that he can’t fight any past judgments and all of his time and energy is spent fighting you. Make shit up and make it good.  You don’t need to be careful in this round, the more insane the better.  Accuse him of owning exotic private islands and having multiple passports bought for obscene amounts of money from sketchy countries.  Stalk his family on social media and make up crazy-assed stories based on photos or bites of information you find there.  

The circle is complete.

--Tara Power

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*Please only use this guide if you are prepared to destroy your ex and to destroy all of those around him.  This includes YOUR CHILDREN.  This guide will not work if you are after $.  This plan will leave you and everyone else involved (with the exception of the laughing lawyers) penniless.

**This guide was written for women who want to destroy their ex-husbands.  Some modifications will be required for the reversal of gender roles.  Success not guaranteed.

***Our intent at FamilyLawReform is to show how easy it is to manipulate the court system and the damage it can cause.  Please don’t take this article literally and don’t try this yourself.  Only truly evil and sociopathic individuals would employ such tactics.

Step 3: Establish 'new truth'

Once you’ve convinced a judge that your story is true, you have your golden ticket.  You can do whatever you please at this point, because here is a little known fact about court.  Once a judge says something it becomes the ‘new truth’.  These God-like creatures can do or say no wrong, so your little story is now ‘the new truth!’  Neat, huh? 

Step 4: Headless chickens​​

You will begin to see bureaucrats run around like chickens who have lost their heads, because they will be required to adhere to the ‘new truth’.  This is an entertaining scene because they are trying to rewrite history and truth.  They will bend over backwards trying to prove the ‘new truth’. They will scramble, and as a result, will make mistakes. This will be useful to you later on, so remember this and document everything.

Step 1: Be the victim
nt a story about your ex and make it a good one. You can lie, but even more effective will be partial and contrived truths.  If you are still new at this game and you don’t want to trip yourself up or get confused by outright lies, here are a couple of examples to help you along your way:

You can do this now, because you just need to point to the 'new truth’ to back you up. Fly that crazy flag high and proud and the bureaucrats will have to jump through hoops of fire to support it.  They will have no other choice because they are so far into it now that any other response would reveal their incompetence, and then they would have to admit accountability. 

Step 2: Punish the monster
You’ve told your sorrowful tale of woe, so now, with the right judge, you can have your husband punished.  Forget about those child support tables that are believed by the general public to be the rule of law.  Inside the secret and hallowed walls of Family Court, judges can do whatever they please, including handing out punishment to unsuspecting blokes like your ex-husband that is based solely on your portrayal of him.