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​​​​Angela Power (Image source CBC.ca)

Further in the same email, Angela Power implicates herself as a content provider to the ‘deadbeat dad’ website where she states:

Mr. Forbes, a long time friend of Angela Power, operates the “deadbeat dad” website through his now defunct company Sys-X Corporation.  Ms. Angela Power has subsequently denied association with the 'deadbeat dad' website as

reported by the CBC. Which of her positions is likely to be the 'Alternative Fact'?

Mr.  Napolitano’s  observation  that  Angela  Power  was  a  "piece of work…” came about as a result

of  his  engagement as legal  representation  for  Omada, where on November 16, 2015 he delivered a

professionally worded Notice to Refrain to Angela Power.

Angela replied to Mr. Napolitano through two emails,  the first on November 17th at 12:33pm, where she claims that she had believed Mr. Napolitano was a fictitious lawyer. The monologue goes downhill from there.

Angela follows up the initial email later that same day with an accusation of "being bullying" in response to her ‘intimidation’.

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NS Department of Justice Continues to Turn a Blind Eye.

“In my line of work I’ve come across many people with something to hide. And I have found, generally, that those who lash out the most are usually those who are most afraid about having the truth revealed.”  - Dan Rather

Sean Alan Forbes

I no longer work at Omada and have no way to confirm whether or not their customers were contacted by Angela Power, Mark McInnis or Sean Forbes. However, Omada has certainly been associated with me through the public 'deadbeat dad' website. A threat was clearly made and faced upon by the triad of conspirators. 

In 2015, 2016 and 2017 this situation was brought to the attention of Maintenance Enforcement, Department of Justice through Diana Whalen and Tilly Pillay specifically, as well as the Provincial Ombudsman Tom Murdock. To date, no response has been forthcoming from the officials responsible for enforcing the laws of our "great" nation and ensuring fairness and impartiality. 

“FYI, This Woman is a piece of work…”  - R. A. Napolitano

​Throughout the entire discourse no attempt was made by Angela Power, Mark McInnis or Sean Forbes to collect money. The communication was clearly designed to intimidate and negatively influence my employer’s perception of me. By Angela Power's admission, she discovered my employer by randomly calling companies in Denmark and asking to speak with me. She continues with this practice to this date (link to more). 

On November 9, 2015, my former employer received a message from Mark McInnis, Angela Power’s common-law husband, revealing Mark McInnis' involvement in the “Deadbeat Dad” website and his vested interest in engaging and defaming Omada to their clients.

This  is  a  documented  quote  from R. A. Napolitano, Esq.  in  reference  to Angela  Power.  An  observation  not  lightly  made,  and  a  conclusion  that came  about  very  quickly  as  a  result  of a correspondence where Angela  Power    and  her  common-law   husband,   Mark  McInnes,   attempted  to intimidate   my   former  employer  with    threats  to  expose   them  on  her "deadbeat dad" website, to contact their customers,  and implicate them in a fictitious crime. 

The relationship between Angela Power and Mark McInnis is clearly established later the same day when Angela follows up on Mark Mcinnis’s message with an e-mail to Omada, associating herself with Mark McInnis.