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"I am writing to you because I feel it is important that you know how this family court case has affected my family and I would like your help to fix it.

I became involved in this case in 2013 when I was 17 years old. My mom and Joe started telling me to make sure the door was locked when I was home alone. They told me not to answer the door if someone rang the doorbell. I did not even know half of the story, all I knew was that my step dad’s ex wife could come by and do something crazy. I became scared of being home alone. One day, I saw a car parked outside my house and I felt my heart race and called my mom because I was so scared. I was a young adult and was scared of being alone in my own house because I could see how stressed and upset my parents were and I knew what this woman was capable of.

I did not truly understand how crazy she was until the day of my high school prom, when she decided to involve me personally in the case. She had someone find me and follow me at my prom to give me a subpoena to court for a picture I had posted on Facebook. There are so many things wrong with that. Why was she on my Facebook page? I have no relation to her, she is the ex wife of the man my mother married when I was a kid. How did the woman she was with know what I looked like to find me? How did they know when my prom was and what time I would be there? My memories of prom now consist of me crying in front of all of my classmates and having to explain the situation to all of my friends. That is not something an 18 year old should have to go through, especially not on the night of my prom. That was truly unfair and she should not have gotten away with it. The scariest part was that a few days later, we found her disguised in a costume in the background of most of my prom pictures. It scares me so much to think that she was there in disguise following me around and I didn’t even know she was there. Even after this incident, we were refused a peace bond with her, which was another part of the problem.

Now, three years after being involved initially, I am still living in fear. I am 20 years old and I am still scared to answer the door when I am home alone. I received a phone call from a lady that neither myself nor my mom knew about a month ago, asking me for information about where my mom was living. The first thing that came into my head was that it was Angela and I was terrified. After having the police look into the phone call, they believe it came from Maintenance Enforcement. I am scared when I get phone calls from numbers that I don’t recognize. I have police officers checking in on me occasionally. I have to inform any roommates that I have of my family’s situation in case strangers come to the door looking for me. I am scared that she knows where I live and that she is going to come for me again. I should never have been involved in any of this. My family is forced to live 3000 miles away from me because they are not being treated with justice in their own country.

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice has failed my family greatly. Angela should not have gotten away with any of the things she has done to us and it is absolutely crazy that people believe any of her lies. Because of her, I very rarely get to see my mom, my step dad and my little brother. I have not seen my stepbrother in years and very rarely see my stepsister. She has intentionally jeopardized my step dad’s career and has caused insane amounts of stress in my family. Because of her, I had to block my stepbrother on Facebook because I am scared that she might get onto my account through him. Because of her, I am scared of living in my own city and that is not even close to being fair. None of this would have happened without the court case.

I hope that reading my letter will show that this case is not only affecting my mom and my step dad, but it is also affecting me. How can you help my family and I find justice?

Thank you for taking the time to read my side of the story"

When my Step-Daughter asks Diana Whalen for help...

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July 27, 2017

​​​​My step daughter wrote to Diana Whalen. I will let her words describe the situation that had arisen as a result of the actions of Maintenance Enforcement and the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.

This is her letter:

You might expect the Minister of Justice to respond appropriately to these statements and such desperate demands for attention. 

​Diana Whalen's feckless response to my step-daughters request for help:

This lack of response and consideration by Diana Whalen was profound AND the her lack of empathy was astounding. Notice how remarkably similar her form letter was to the response that was sent to my daughter.