Speaking Out For Family Law Reform

When he went after the teachers, there was public disgust at his handling of affairs.  He didn’t fight fair and his tactics were underhanded.   He and his goons pulled a stunt where they locked the children out of schools and they got caught red-handed in their own lies.  

In September of 2017, my husband made application to the Family Court for a hearing. He expected that at some point, perhaps within a month or so, because we know this is never a quick process, that he would get notification of a court date that would likely be months far in the future.  He was ready for that and resigned to waiting. Fast forward over a year and he is stillwaiting to find out when he will go to court. He’s waiting for a date.  A date! A simple administrative task. Still no word on when this will be heard and the Justice Department continues to stall and bury.  


In the meantime, the respondent party in this matter has been in repeated communication with a certain Supreme Court Justice who has been overseeing the case, and she is apparently having some influence on his actions.  By repeatedly contacting the courts and contacting the Judge for over a YEAR, how can the courts assert that due process is followed and that my husband’s basic civil rights have not been violated?  The entire process has been compromised by her allowed interference so what happens now?  Why can no one tell us what happens now? Someone must be able to find out. Do they think that by doing nothing forever that my husband will just give up? This Judge, by the way, has been under scrutiny in the public eye several times in the past for questionable actions. 


We’ve heard whisperings of ‘malicious prosecution’ and a mess created by the Province that no one knows how to clean up. The Auditor General’s report from last spring found that the Maintenance Enforcement Program fails to follow laws and procedures.  We have experienced this first hand.  No one has followed proper procedure in our case and in fact, have deliberately taken action that contradicts the mandate of the Province.  The judges, lawyers and elected officials who have had their fingers in this case are hiding behind the guise of the best interest of the children who are affected by it.  The self-serving actions of all of these individuals have been far more traumatic to these children than any public exposure ever could. 

The headlines about the McNeil government are the tip of the iceberg, I am sure of it.  What we are seeing is only what people have managed to uncover and stumbled upon unexpectedly.   As frightening as my family’s nightmare has been,  it makes me wonder.  Who else? What else are they doing under the covers and how many other lives is this government destroying  as McNeil steamrolls his way through his term?

When we started this battle with the McNeil government it all sounded unbelievable.  I would tell our story, and think to myself, “Why would people believe this?  It sounds ridiculous, even to me, and I’m living it.”  A government that doesn’t follow process?  Who bullies and intimidates innocent people?  Lies and covers up instead of owning up to mistakes? Officials who are vindictive and make it personal? Surely not.  

Seeing the pattern emerge over the last couple of years has validated our experience and the established pattern should be enough for the media to ask the questions I’ve posed. Dig deep and the answers will be shocking, but not surprising. 

Stephen McNeil and his government are in the news. Again.  From afar I watch story after story about his failure to follow procedure, his arrogant attempts to bully his constituents into submission and perhaps most disturbing of all, his sneaky and secretive way of letting everyone know who’s boss.

A couple of years back, McNeil went after reporter Marieke Walsh when she asked a question that he didn’t like. His condescending tone was undeniable and I had to wonder if he would have reacted the same way had she been a man. He spoke to her like one would speak to a misbehaving toddler, but his childish response exposed him as the one throwing a tantrum.  Marieke is an articulate journalist who was simply doing her job, and doing it well.  McNeil couldn’t cope.

N.S. Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil 'Devalued' Female Candidates

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Going from bad to worse, Nova Scotians were appalled when the story came out about a teenaged boy who had inadvertently accessed private data on the province’s Access to Information website. Rather than admit their error and thank the boy for uncovering the gaping hole in the site, McNeil and his troops pulled a Trump by doubling down and turning the boy into the villain. Gaslighting this boy and his family was over the top inappropriate and exposed the McNeil government for their pettiness.  McNeil’s actions revealed a desperation to stop at nothing to cover his own behind and even when the undeniable truth came out and he was forced to backtrack, he refused to apologize to the boy and his family.  It became really clear that it was time for someone to bring McNeil down a notch and remind him for whom he works.

I’ve watched and read about McNeil’s reign from a distant place. I’m no longer a constituent and, thankfully,  he is not my premier anymore.  Unlike most people who have reacted with shock at his character reveal, I am not at all surprised.  Every time I read another story about how he and his government have bullied, covered up and rewritten the rules to suit their own agenda, I nod to myself.  Yes, this all fits. For me, it’s been validation for what my family has experienced with this government.  

Over the last six years, the McNeil government has put my family through hell with an incompetence that has been both blundering and incorrigible.  Anyone brave enough to crawl into the trenches is likely to unearth a rotting corpse that will expose the rampant corruption that exists within this regime. 

Stephen McNeil, Building a Stronger Nova Scotia through Incompetence and Tyranny?

McNeil’s latest mess with the Privacy Commissioner illuminates his flaws and drives home his mistaken perception of his own role.  His arrogance has seemingly led to a lapse in memory about his position, which is not one of dictator or King, but merely an elected official who can be removed as easily as he was voted into power. A disturbing pattern has emerged of a bully who does whatever he wants and will stop at nothing to cover his own ass.  

Editorial by Tara Power, Oct 2, 2108