Diana Whalen, NS Minister of Justice, Ret.

My family is a blended family whose members comprise 2 children from my first marriage, a child from my wife's previous marriage and a fourth child from the union my wife and me.

When Children Ask for Help, Diana Whalen Fails

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Imagine the courage it took for these young women to reach out for help in such a desperate situation to someone of such authority as the Minister of Justice. Imagine the disappointment in the response.

July 27, 2017

A blended family situation is quite common in current western society, a situation to which the Family Courts seem oblivious. This narrow minded view of family dynamics in current society can have a devastating impact on the families it is designed to protect and in particular on the children, including the ones decisions are should most benefit. 

In 2016, both of my adult children reached out to the Minister of Justice in Nova Scotia, Diana Whalen (now retired) to express their concerns, voice their opinion on how our family court case had been mishandled, how the Family Justice System had failed them, and to ask for help. As the Minister, she was responsible for the actions of the Maintenance Enforcement Program and the bureaucratic process of administering ‘justice’ for families in the province and ultimately the only one who could help.