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How ‘flawed’ B.C. court rulings tore 4 kids away from their dad for 5 years and counting

Portfolio of Injustice and Incompetence in Canadian Family Justice

A story of incompetence by B.C.’s Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) that raises serious questions about how our system deals with families at their breaking point. This story is a story exposing the ineptitude of the BC Family Court, manipulation of 'evidence' by prosecuting attorney, and prejudgments by presiding Family Court Justices in this travesty mirror many of our experiences in Halifax Family Court.

When we went public with our story of corruption and incompetence in the Nova Scotia Family Justice System, we intended to tell our story about how this institution was manipulated and how the actions of bureaucrats, Lawyers and Judges have brought devastation to our family. We also intended to share others confirmed experiences. 

In November, 2017, we posted a forum to collect information and gather input from others on their Canadian Family Justice experiences, good and bad. We were shocked at the response. 

here, we share the confirmed stories of injustice in Canadian Justice. Of course, our story is our headline, but but our goal is to expose injustice in Canadian Justice so lawmakers can make informed decisions about the issues, and perhaps effect change in some cases where injustice has been done. 

Dec 5, 2017

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This blog is a father’s story of his journey of Injustice within the Canadian Family Law System.

It tells a story of how Canadian Lawyers chase custody and access litigation with the same eagerness expressed to litigate a divorce. It exposes acts of Professional Misconduct, Professional Incompetence and Conflict of Interest and illustrates how a broken BC family court has left a BC family in ruins.

Angela Power, Masked Vigilante - unmasked

The mother in a contentious divorce manipulates and exploits the weaknesses in a Dysfunctional Ontario Family Court system for vindictive purposes. 

This story illuminates the issues with the Ontario Family Court System and exposes incompetence in an apathetic Family Court system that can adversely affect the children.  

Something needs to change. The system must be overhauled so that it cannot be manipulated by vindictive spouses and used as a tool for inflicting injury. It must be evaluated so that it aligns with the mandate of protecting families and the children of families being torn apart by divorce and it absolutely must be restructured to allow for the application of common sense in a forum of absolute truths as opposed to the structured witch hunting forum it has evolved to in Nova Scotia.