the discovery of a suspicious document that appears to have been generated by NS Maintenance Enforcement.

On Feb 26, 2014 a letter was sent to Vernor Search Group. I was contacted by an acquaintance at Vernor because the document seemed unusual to him and the way it was delivered was not typical of how a highly personal document would be delivered. The deliver did not adhere to protection for privacy of information controls established at the Province, and the formatting of the document was unusual for a NS Government Document.

I immediately contacted Alison Rowter, the signatory on the document, regarding the lack of controls on protecting my personal information.  Imagine my surprise when she denied any and all knowledge of the document, as she had been on vacation when the document appeared to have been issued.

Ms. Rowter asked me to provided a copy of the document, which seemed strange, as they were supposed to be the authors, and on March 10th, 2014 (12 days after the original document was issued and only a couple of days after my conversation with Ms. Rowter) my ex-wife and I were removed from the Maintenance Enforcement program.

 This whole situation raised so many questions. Nobody at the Department of Justice or Maintenance Enforcement has been able to answer any of these questions. .

  • Why was I required to provide evidence of this document if they had been the original senders of the document? Why was the original not in my file?
  • How could Alison Rowter be the signatory on a document if she had been on holiday when it was sent? 
  • Why is the document split over 2 pages when there is more than enough space on one page for content and signature as it is done on the Notice of Withdrawl?
  • If someone other than Ms. Rowter signed on behalf of the director, as has been later indicated, why do the signatures match on the second document (Notice of Withdrawal) and why is the document not accurate? These are legal documents are they not?
  • Why has no one ever been able to explain to me the failure to follow proper privacy procedures by MEP?
  • IF NS Maintenance Enforcement did issue the document, the timing of my receipt of this odd letter and our almost immediate removal from the program seems to be very suspicious, does it not? 

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Unanswered questions. 

The power afforded Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement is expansive and in many ways far more invasive and influential in motivating payers than even Family Court Justices. So, it is almost unheard of a recipient is withdrawn from the program. Angela Power was one of those very few who managed to succeed in alienating her largest advocate in this effort and all under some very suspicious circumstances.  

In particular, the timing of her ejection from the program coincides​ with

Here is the Notice of Withdrawl. Note the date this was issued and signatory lines.  

Was A Suspicious Document Coincidence, Or Catalyst For Angela Power's Removal From The Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Program?